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The Winery

This is where the magic happens. All of our wines are made right here in house. Just steps from the beach you’ll will find the most unique winery on earth. Beach real estate isn’t cheap s0 we squeeze a lot of wine out of a small space, about 900sq ft.! We use three 2000-liter jacket fermentation tanks and nine 2000-liter racking and aging tanks. Filtering is handled by our 40-plate plate & frame filter, and all the bottling is done by hand right in the front window. It’s not a lot of room but it is enough for us to create the most amazing libations known to man. With 20 varieties being produced and about 50 awards won in our first 4 years it’s obvious we make great use of the limited space we have. If you think our wines are good now though,just wait till we get a bigger place. MWAHAHAHA (Evil Laugh)

The Shop

Almost as important as where the wine comes from is where you can taste it! Our tasting bar is open all day with free tastings of our entire portfolio of award winning wines. Belly up to the bar, and hold on for the wine tasting ride of your life.

Here are T.F.W we may be all about our wine but that doesn’t mean that’s the only trick up our sleeve. It only takes a second upon entering our retail store to realizewe take the Florida lifestyle serious, well as serious as the Florida it lets us. From the sound of rhythmic island style music pumping through the speakers, to the bright colors mixed with Florida cracker style wood and metal structures you are totally immersed in all things T.F.W.

Browse our plethora of gourmet floods, many of which are made in the sunshine state. Those that aren’t had to work hard to get on our shelves as we only bring in the best to compliment our wines. You will find an abundance of jellies and jams made of almost any fruit you can think of. Wonder through the isles of sauces, marinades, rubs seasonings, hot sauces, salad dressings and more. You may want to bring a bib, cause your gonna be droolin’!

Marvel at the stacks of Vino Florida wine thought the shop as you peruse our selection of wine accessories, home décor items, and an ample selection of gift ideas.

Cigar aficionado? Know some one who is? Check out our walk in humidor. We feature only the best premium hand rolled cigars from around the globe. From the Dominican Republic, to Honduras, Nicaragua and even Africa no one beats our selection.